We have kittens – see detail about litter A in Kittens menu.

Welcome to the small cattery of the amazing Ragdoll cat breed, located in Valdice near Jičín.

Our CHS is registered in FIFE, we are members of ZO Pardubice.

Our cats are tested for HCM and PKD with negative result. They are also tested for FIV, FeLV and FIP with negative result.

In case of serious interest, please contact me at casanni@seznam.cz or call 703 84 99 77.

Please tell me in your first message a few words about you, your family, your background and your experience with animals. I want to be sure that our bred kittens that we take as young children and who receive all our care, attention and love for more than 3 months in their important beginnings of life will get into the right hands.

Thank you for understanding.

I do not respond to one-sentence emails to just know the price. 😉